Tuesday, February 7


Hi everyone! Do you love tiramisu? I love and I can tell you my recipe of it.
In generally I love eating so much. Really I don`t know proportion because this recipe is my own creation. Well...You need seeing yourselves. You need cheese "Mascarpone",powdered sugar, coffee and sticks "Savoiardi".

At first you need making cream. For it you need "Mascarpone" and powdered sugar. 

Then you need making coffee and sticks "Sovoiardi" dip in coffee.  

So I am not master of explanation.Therefore I think you can understand everything. 

If you however don`t understand - you would write me on mail , which is near "About me" or in comments!
Share your recipes in comments!


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  2. I love Tiramisu! This looks delish!


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  4. ooo that looks so yummy! I wish I knew how to bake