Saturday, February 4

Cold Winter

Hi everybody^^ How is your mood? I am cheerful. Life is good!

Today instead of school I was sitting at McDonald and watching very funny picture. Girl sorted out one`s relationship with her boyfriend, I think. They were funny and that girl too. But man wasn`t funny. He was grave. It was in the morning. People weren`t happy. This was ruefully. There was conference there too. But these people were cheerful. And there were many beautiful guys. So,girls, go to public places!!! I advise, of course...Take coffee and look around. You can do it. And  don`t go to there with your brother. This is advise number two! Or meet him yourselves. So where is boyfriend of my dream? May be is he invisible? So I still free girl. Or all normal boys are busy? This part of topic is about boys. What do you think about them? Write to me, please. It`s interesting for me. 
Than I and my brother went to skate with his friends. So really...This was very funny. I have never laughed so much! If you will die. It is the best people in the world!