Wednesday, February 22

Saturday, February 18

A little things

Wednesday, February 15

Happy Valentine`s Day

How did you spend your Valentine`s Day ? About it you may write in lovely comments.
How did I spend this day? Not bad. Of course, at first I hated this holiday, but why? This holiday is for lovers. While I am alone. But I hope it is not forever. I won`t talking about this part of my love. It is secret. 
I wish all of you happiness and meeting you second part. It is wonderful to have it in life. 
From Russia with Love!!!

Sunday, February 12

Before Valentine`s Day

Hi...Really I don`t know what would be on 14 of February. Of course , I felt in love in ...a boy. I won`t tell you who he is. But I want being with him, may be. This holiday must be lovely and nice! I want it. Really I want boys give roses. It is so romantic. So, BOYS,IF YOU LIKE GIRL - GIVE HER ROSES! And it is enough. I want that somebody would give me one rose. I will be happy. XD Well, yesterday I was making post card for my friends.

 Happy Valentine`s Day, Gorgeours!!!

Thursday, February 9



I am very glad of the moment of my life. So,what will be if I say that it seems I was in love in anybody! May be..I don`t know yet. He is very beautiful and stylish! But my heart is busy. Sorry, guys. XD These days were very happy...and funny! nice too. Now I can forget something...and I almost did it! Soon My brother will come back and I will be happy twice. Now I am adding new photos. It`s crazy, but I love it. So look at it!

Oh people , don`t forget that happy Valentine`s Day Soon! What do you think about it ? Write me in comments!!!
   From Russia with love!

Tuesday, February 7


Hi everyone! Do you love tiramisu? I love and I can tell you my recipe of it.
In generally I love eating so much. Really I don`t know proportion because this recipe is my own creation. Well...You need seeing yourselves. You need cheese "Mascarpone",powdered sugar, coffee and sticks "Savoiardi".

At first you need making cream. For it you need "Mascarpone" and powdered sugar. 

Then you need making coffee and sticks "Sovoiardi" dip in coffee.  

So I am not master of explanation.Therefore I think you can understand everything. 

If you however don`t understand - you would write me on mail , which is near "About me" or in comments!
Share your recipes in comments!

Monday, February 6

Black and White

Hi! So I have lately been carried away black and white photographs. I don`t know why, but it is very nice! What  I know about black-and-white photographs:  All photography was originally monochrome, or black-and-white. Many photographers continue to produce some monochrome images, often because of the established archival permanence of well processed silver halide based materials. Some full color digital images are processed using a variety of techniques to create black and whites, and some manufacturers produce digital cameras that exclusively shoot monochrome.
There is the function on my camera. And I decided testing it. It is what take...

Saturday, February 4

Part of Summer in Winter

I don`t know what it is! Look yourselves.