Sunday, January 29



Yesterday was a long day. I was driving with my father in Moscow this night. Later I will add new pictures. But now I will write about magazines, which I read. This is Russian Cosmopolitan and Glamour . Every month I buy these two magazines and read them, choose interesting articles and do bookmarks. I have being read magazines since 2008 years. But I saved only magazines of 2010 and 2011 years. You can see puctures of my magazines below. So what magazines are your favorite? Write me in comments.

Wednesday, January 11

My cat

Hi guys!
I can`t talk about my second part. He is wonderful,beautiful,funny...I love him.Really.
This is my cat. Yes, I am not crazy. I am not laughing.
Many of you have got cats, dogs and other pets. It`s normal,I think. 

Name of my cat is Tima. I and my mother bought Tima, when he was about one month.He was born on 7 of august in 2008 years. He was ill, but now he`s healthy. I love him so much. He is like baby. He love bathe.ahah
Now he is sitting on sill and looking at snow-covered houses. And I am writing about him here. 
He love eating, looking at outside, sitting on sill ,sleeping and walking outside in summer. 

Saturday, January 7

A little things


Wednesday, January 4

My Summer House

Tuesday, January 3

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